Parent Testimonials

Here are just a few of the testimonials from parents who sent their child to Shining Wonders:

“We feel that the Shining Wonders program and teachers prepared our daughter for kindergarten better than traditional preschool. The program has provided our daughter with printing, phonics, reading, mathematics, geography and science knowledge that we feel is beyond that would be taught in a kindergarten environment.”
– Candice and Marty

“Mrs. Yatawara teaches the children with respect and dignity, she encourages and stimulates them and the results have been far beyond our expectations.”
– Neil and Sharon

“What a wonderful place it is. My wife and I feel very fortunate that we were able to get Ella into such a fantastic environment. Mrs. Yatawara is not just attending to the immediate day to day needs of these children she is helping to create and support these children in becoming strong, compassionate, educated future members of our community.”
– Dustin and Narelle

“My son is five years old. In the 2+ years that he has been enrolled at Shining Wonders he has progressed to the point that he is capable of Grade 1 level academic work. My son is not the exception. It is the norm that when children leave Shining Wonders and enrol in mainstream schools they are very well prepared.”
– Gerard and Marla

“At Shining wonders my son and daughter both learned to speak English fluently (we speak spanish at home). They also learnt to read and write and additions and subtractions. Children are served with healthy snacks and nutritional cooked meals. They developed a love for learning and they continue to love learning at school.”
– Adriana and Hector

“Mrs. Yatawara creates a very comfortable and structured environment where children feel safe to explore and become confident in their abilities. We admire the dedication that Mrs. Yatawara displays on a daily basis.”
– Rafick and Mariam

“Our daughter had attended Mrs. Yatawara’s preschool for 3 years before entering grade one and we feel she was given exceptional care and preparation for school. She learned very solid habits and was given a solid foundation that has her loving school and learning.”
– Erika and Glenn